Protect Forests, Fight Global Warming

The Giving Trees

For some people forests are measured in board-feet of lumber. For others they’re a source of spiritual renewal. But scientists are finding that protecting ancient trees could also be an important new strategy in the fight against global warming.


Let’s Green the Iraq War!

Make Iraq War More Eco-Friendly

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The American Denial of Global Warming

Here’s a good video, titled “The American Denial of Global Warming.” It gives a good overview of the science (and the history of the science) of global warming in its first half and the history of the denialist movement in its second half.

Here’s the thing: The science behind the greenhouse theory has been around since the 19th century. The fact is, we are seeing a warming planet, we have added enough CO2 to the environment to cause the warming, and we have known for more than a hundred years that this would be the case.

A Bright Green Solution?

Green Amoeba: Music meets environmentalism
A new solution to Los Angeles’ e-waste problem comes from a surprising source: Amoeba Music.

This gigantic music store recently introduced “The Big Green Box” at its Hollywood location. Customers can drop off their old and broken electronic gadgets into this box, instead of sending the unwanted junk to the landfills.

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Buying Local is Bad for the Environment – Sometimes

An interesting article on the difficulties of assessing and cutting your carbon footprint – from the New Yorker:

Big Foot, by Michael Specter.

And Michael Specter interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air:

Michael Specter: Count Carbon Along With Calories

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Enviro News

Yale Study Offers Revolutionary View of Ecosystem Ecology

Predators have considerably more influence than plants over how an ecosystem functions, according to a Yale study published Feb. 15 in Science that offers a revolutionary shift in thinking on the subject.

Maya May Have Caused Civilization – Ending Climate Change

Self-induced drought and climate change may have caused the destruction of the Maya civilization, say scientists working with new satellite technology that monitors Central America’s environment.

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The Real Cause of Global Warming?

Results of deforestation during the early mining days. San Juan County, Colorado

Photographer:  Russell Lee, from the Library of Congress 

I ran across this site the other day:

I must say, it looks interesting, but perhaps a little kooky. Their general thrust is that global warming is happening, but that it is caused by (among other things) the loss of ten billion acres of forest since 1492. That’s an idea I could get behind… but this site looks a little shaky. What do you think?