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Evidence for Global Warming: Is Global Warming Real?

Global warming is real, and it is caused by humans. How can I say this?

The evidence is overwhelming.

Global temperature records, kept by a variety of scientific organizations, show rising temperatures over the past 150 years. Snow cover across the northern hemisphere has declined over the past decades. Spring is coming earlier each year. The sea ice at the north pole is melting even faster than the climate models predict. The south pole also appears to be losing ice – again, faster than predicted.

Glaciers are melting all over the world, and animals are changing their behavior.

There are multiple streams of evidence pointing to greenhouse gases like CO2 as the cause of the current warming.

Global warming is real.


Is Global Warming Caused by Natural Cycles?

Global warming denialists love to assert that global warming is all natural. But is it? What’s the evidence?

Global Warming: Is It All Caused by Natural Cycles?

Go Green and Get Big Tax Savings

An article I wrote at that may be of interest to homeowners.

Protect Forests, Fight Global Warming

The Giving Trees

For some people forests are measured in board-feet of lumber. For others they’re a source of spiritual renewal. But scientists are finding that protecting ancient trees could also be an important new strategy in the fight against global warming.

The American Denial of Global Warming

Here’s a good video, titled “The American Denial of Global Warming.” It gives a good overview of the science (and the history of the science) of global warming in its first half and the history of the denialist movement in its second half.

Here’s the thing: The science behind the greenhouse theory has been around since the 19th century. The fact is, we are seeing a warming planet, we have added enough CO2 to the environment to cause the warming, and we have known for more than a hundred years that this would be the case.

The Real Cause of Global Warming?

Results of deforestation during the early mining days. San Juan County, Colorado

Photographer:  Russell Lee, from the Library of Congress 

I ran across this site the other day:

I must say, it looks interesting, but perhaps a little kooky. Their general thrust is that global warming is happening, but that it is caused by (among other things) the loss of ten billion acres of forest since 1492. That’s an idea I could get behind… but this site looks a little shaky. What do you think?

How you should think about Global Warming

Some good videos on global warming.