It’s cold outside! Here’s some global warming news.

Actually it’s not so cold anymore.  February was just about right, with plenty of cold and snow.  That followed a very warm fall and winter, thanks to El Nino (not the band, the wind pattern).

January temperature broke records worldwide.  This was the warmest January since records began in 1880 – and 2006 was the fifth warmest year on record.
I found this examination of the politicization of global warming science enlightening.

This post, although wild eyed in its attack on “global warming alarmists,” makes a few important points:  fossil fuels are not going away, deforestation plays a large part in global warming (although I don’t think it’s as large as the blogger does) and biofuels will create problems before they solve any.

I responded to a comment earlier about the Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine (OISM).  I promised to respond to some of OISM’s supposed debunking of global warming.  I still plan on doing that, so stay tuned.


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